Wrongful death lawsuit pending in capital murder

Andrew, Kera and Alaya Teel

Thursday, July 6, the family of murder victims Kera and Kyndal Teel are entering into litigation against the apartment complex where the mother and her yet-unborn daughter fell victim to a gunman’s bullets.

Surviving family, Kera’s husband Andrew, and the couple’s daughter Alaya, are among the plaintiffs alleging owners of Beaumont’s Sienna Apartment Homes failed to maintain adequate security measures that could have deterred or prevented the death.

Kera Teel, who lived at Sienna Apartment Homes with her husband and young daughter, was shot as she sat in the driver’s seat of her car while parked at the property in June. Witness accounts say up to three masked individuals bombarded the victim, fired fatal shots, then fled – all undetected. According to the civil suit filed on behalf of the family alleging a wrongful death and survival action, security measures that could have prevented the murder include lighting, security cameras, and operable security gates and fencing. Lighting, gates and fencing were in disrepair for months prior to the murder, the lawsuit states, and were repaired within days after.

“We want to ensure our community is safe,” said family attorney and friend Jefferson Fisher of Orgain, Bell, & Tucker LLP. “And those who hold themselves out to offer security and have the means to provide that security must be held accountable to take up that responsibility. We cannot allow this tragedy to be repeated.”