Youth vandals destroying Christmas decorations in Jefferson County

Screen shot from video of vandals

A group of apparently youthful vandals has been destroying inflatable Christmas decorations after dark in Mid-County, reports Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) Deputy Marcus McLellan.

According to a news release from McLellan, JCSO received a number of reports during the week in reference to the destruction of the inflatable Christmas decorations. From video surveillance, it appears that a group of teenagers is responsible for the damage that has affected several neighborhoods. The vandals appear gleeful as they trespass on someone's property to get to their inflatables, and then knock them over and damage them. 

One resident caught the criminal act on their home security camera. The video footage shows at least three people involved, apparently teens according to McLellan. The camera was unable to fully capture the suspects' faces, but deputies are hoping someone may be able to identify them based on images from the video.

"These teens are showing a complete lack of respect for other people’s property and respect for the holiday season," McLellan stated. "Remember to look out for each other, and call 911 immediately if you see someone committing a crime or acting suspicious."

He said the sheriff’s office would be performing extra patrols in neighborhoods to "help ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy the holiday decorations."

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