American kickboxer Ky Hollenbeck ready to shock the world at Glory 3

Image courtesy of Glory

The Glory World Series will hold a one night, 8-man tournament worth $300,000 dollars entitled Glory 3 Final 8 this Saturday, Nov. 2 from Rome. For $15, the show can be seen live via iPPV via Start time is 2:30 p.m. (Central).

Scheded to fight in the 8-man tourney are American Ky Hollenbeck (34-7) of San Francisco vs. Giorgio Petrosyan (71-1-2), who is considered the best in the world at 154 pounds; Yoshihiro Sato (49-8) vs. Sanny Dahlbeck (24-4); Davit Kiria (18-7) vs. Shemsi Beqiri (71-7); and Robin van Roosmalen (35-13-3) vs. Tim Thomas (60-1-9). The winner will be decided that night. Frank Shamrock, Ramon Dekkers and Stephen Quadros will hand play-by-play and commentary duties.

Hollenbeck, who is ready to shock the work, hopes to carry the American flag on his back and introduce the country to the sport of kickboxing.


You are going in as the underdog against the No. 1 fighter in the world in this weight class.

As the underdog, I go into it with that mentality, as there is if there is nothing for me to lose. People already expect me to lose. I get to go out there and get to potentially prove them wrong and show them what kind of competitor I am. It’s a win-win situation. I get to fight one of the best in the world.  I really do think I can beat him. A lot of fighters think they can beat their opponents, but inside they are not really sure, but I really feel I have what it takes to beat him.

How do you prepare for a 1-day tournament with a potential three fights with a possible total of nine rounds?

I take it one fight at a time. The only thing I have done different was significantly increasing my cardio. I want to make sure I can go nine hard rounds in one night.

Not many American participate in this sport. You feel like there’s added pressure?

I love representing the U.S. to the best of my abilities. There are a few of us trying to push this sport here in the U.S. and we have the exposure to fight and win internationally. We want to showcase this sport and have it hit mainstream. Once it does, I think it will take off.

Standing around 5-foot-3, you are usually the shorter fighter. How do you use that to your advantage?

I like being the shorter fighter. I like to work the inside, and once I get on the inside, I can stay on people. People refer to me as ‘velcro.’ I like to stay on them, wear them down and take away their range. That style is beneficial, especially when you are shorter. It jams up the longer fighters.

Why kickboxing?

My brother had done karate and I was looking to do some sports as well. I had some aggression issues and needed a positive outlet for it. It was like an explosion of energy and I need a funnel to move it like a Jetstream to propel me forward.

How do you plan on beating Petro?

You can’t pit-pat with him. He is king of the counter. He is very illusive, so if it’s a clean fight, then I am doing something wrong. I need to make it my fight by getting inside and pushing him around, like physically moving him around and getting him off balance. I don’t want him to have a chance to set his feet. You have to frustrate him. He is used to orthodox fighters and his counters works against those guys. I want to put constant pressure on him.