LC-M powerlifters earn national attention

LC-M powerlifters earn national attention

Two Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School students received national recognition with their first place performances at the American Powerlifting Federation Master National Championships in Waxahachie recently. Both Courtney Price and Troy Angelo won their weight class and were also named Best Boy and Girl Teen in the equipped category, which ‘equipped’ describes the lifters who wear the special lift suits and shirts.

Price, who will be a junior in the fall, logged a 314.2 squat, 159.8 bench and 308.6 deadlift for a winning total of 782.6 pounds. She did not miss any of the nine lifts in the 123-pound class.

A 2014 graduate, Angelo had a squat of 650, 374.8 bench, and a deadlift of 683.2, for a total of 1,708 pounds. Angelo’s squat beat the American record, set by him last year, and the deadlift set a World Record in the 198-pound weight class, as did his total weight.

These wins qualified the teens to compete at the World Championships, which will be held in West Palm Beach, Florida in November.