Quotes from Knight's post-game conference after win over Arkansas State

Quotes from Knight's post-game conference after win over Arkansas State

“You gotta hug old ugly every once in a while. Defense always keeps you in a game, no matter how bad you are shoot. I told them I don’t believe they would have won a game like this last year.”

“Defense works. We defended well tonight, but took bad shots especially shooting off one pass. Our offense was Arkansas State’s best offense.”

On the last offensive play of the game…

“He’s (Anthony Miles) a senior and he called for the ball during the timeout. He’s a good ball handler and he can make plays.”

On Devon Lamb

“He’s a player. The kid is a winner.”

On being down 9 in the 2nd half…

“Told the guys we needed to drive, drive, drive and quit shooting jump shots and try to get easy buckets. Down 9, we couldn’t get into a shootout. I also noticed we need to try to get the ball inside more.”

On Brandon Davis…

“I like him coming off the bench. It’s like giving you an extra starter. He’s a streaky shooting that can help you close the gap in a game.”

On changing fans’ thoughts from last year…

“We got a long ways to go. It’s gonna take some time, but we have to be ready by conference. I want the fans to quit saying ‘oh, it’s the same old stuff.’ This is a marathon.”

Playing tough non-conference schedule…

“I want to better Lamar University and make the conference better. These games are better for the players, the fans and the conference. Playing all Division I teams is better than bringing in teams you blow out. Now, it may come back to haunt me, but that’s what we have to do. Boxing has champions that have no losses because they don’t fight the best fighters so that’s why I love the UFC. You have to fight the best and sometimes you get beat. I am good friends with UFC fighter Forrest Griffin. This guy just fought in Brazil and they want him to fight in Japan. You have to play the best teams out there.”

Difference between coaching at Texas Tech & Lamar…

“I could tell the difference after my first press conference. It’s nice to have my own program. There are great people in Lubbock, but this is completely different. I am better suited from smaller schools. This is it for me.”

Prediction on UFC heavyweight championship fight between champ Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos…




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