The Return of Chuck Langston

The Return of Chuck Langston

Chuck Langston is right where he’s supposed to be.

Sporting a black nylon T-shirt, a clean pair of neatly pressed Nike khaki cargo shorts, light grey Under Armour shoes and a white Lamar football cap on his head, Langston doesn’t look any different than the rest of the coaches on the re-tooled Lamar football coaching staff.

Most of the staff is in and out of the football offices on this day, a Monday in May, and preparations for the 2012 season are in full swing and really have been since the team dropped its last game of the 2011 season to McNeese State 45-17, capping a 4-7 campaign. It was the second season of the Lamar football redux and the team’s first in the Southland Conference.

Player attrition is natural in college football, and changes to a coaching staff after each season are part of the business, as well – and it is a business.

Woodard made three coaching changes, bringing in new offensive and defensive coordinators Larry Kueck and Bill Bradley, respectively, as well as adding NFL veteran Dennis McKnight to coach the offensive line and special teams.

And then there’s Langston, who was sowing his coaching seeds back in his playing days at Oklahoma. His former offensive line coach at OU, Merv Johnson, said, “He’d come into my office, and he wouldn’t just ask about his position, he’d ask about all the positions.”

At 39, the Beaumont native and former junior college and Division II head football coach is the director of Football Operations at Lamar.It’s a new position that was created after a series of discussions between Woodard and Langston earlier this year. It quickly became obvious they could help each other, so the necessary steps were taken and Langston, who had been out of college football for more than three years, found himself back in the game.