Schaub not going anywhere anytime soon

Schaub not going anywhere anytime soon

The Texans’ late season collapse has many of their fans questioning the productivity of their quarterback, Matt Schaub. While The Texans quarterback had 5 interceptions in 6 games (including the playoffs) since the team’s Dec. 10 shellacking at the hands of the New England Patriots, he had only 3 total touchdowns. Compare that number to opposing quarterback Tom Brady who had 4 touchdowns in the Dec. 10 matchup alone.

While many Texans fans are ready to wash their hands of Schaub, they might as well get used to him because he isn’t going anywhere soon. Schaub still has four years remaining on his five-year $66.15 million contract and is guaranteed to make $7.25 million next season.

Not to mention that another person some Texans fans would just as soon get rid of is standing by his quarterback.

“I believe in Matt,” Texans coach Gary Kubiak said at his last Monday news conference of the season. “I have no doubts about him. He’s our quarterback. The team has to get better for us to take the next step.”

Texan owner Bob McNair is squarely behind Schaub as well, according to an article on Culturemap Houston’s website.

“I thought Matt was very gutty,” McNair said, just outside the Texans’ locker room in the bowels of Gillette Stadium. “A few times when we were in position, he made good throws and passes got dropped. I thought he played well.”

Gutty? Good throws while in good position? Yeah, I guess playing catch with 6-foot-2, 260-pound Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich is pretty gutsy, especially during a crucial point in a divisional playoff game, with the Texans, trailing 24-13 with 4:20 left in the third quarter. In that 10-play drive to the Patriots’ 37-yard line, a touchdown would have brought the Texans to within 4 points and put them in good shape to make it a four-quarter game. Good throws indeed.

But let’s just say McNair does decide to lay off the Schaub Kool-aid. What then? Who are the alternatives? T.J. Yates? Case Keenum? Alex Smith is basically the same vanilla player as Schaub. There aren’t any notable free-agent quarterbacks that would bring much improvement, outside maybe Joe Flacco, who even the Ravens are probably hesitant to re-sign for a long-term deal and who will most likely be hit with a franchise tag in 2013. Is there really any improvement by bringing in a Jason Campbell, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Moore, Drew Stanton or Seneca Wallace?

And what about the draft? What about it?

West Virginia’s Geno Smith and USC’s Matt Barkley headline a weak NFL draft class that could see only one or two quarterbacks selected in the first round, and Barkley and Smith will most likely be selected by teams like Kansas City and Arizona, teams that are hurting for a quarterback much worse than the Texans are.

So Texans fans may as well dust off their Texans letterman jackets and make up a strong batch of Schaub Kool-aid because there won’t be any quarterback changes anytime soon. They do, however, retain the bragging rights of being fans of the only NFL team in Texas to make the playoffs since 2009.