SETX Mavericks leaving ABA...NBA-D League next?

SETX Mavericks leaving ABA...NBA-D League next?

The Southeast Texas Mavericks announced today that they will be leaving the American Basketball Association immediately.

Three seasons as a member of the ABA, the Mavericks won their division each year, had a 30-game win streak and won consecutive ABA league titles.

"It has just become apparent to us that we need to be in a pro basketball league that gives us a greater challenge on a consistent basis," said Mavericks general manager/head coach Steve Tucker.

The Mavericks will contact the NBA D-League Office in New York to begin the process of becoming a member. The easiest way to become a member would be to purchase an existing franchise and according to the NBA D-League, three franchises are for sale.

Of the 16 teams currently competing in the league, three are located in Texas including Austin, Rio Grande Valley (McAllen) and Texas (Frisco).

The 2011-12 season begins in November.

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