State hearing drags on for former Beaumont ISD auditor

Gayle Botley

“It made it take a lot longer than I expected,” Texas Board of Public Accountancy attorney Mary Alice Boehm-McKaughan quipped about former Beaumont ISD auditor Gayle Botley’s testimony before State Office of Administrative Hearings Judge Michael O’Malley during a hearing scheduled for the week of June 26-30. Botley’s testimony was initially scheduled to be heard in the course of just a couple of hours, but constant requests for reiteration of questions coupled with evasive and lengthy answers to those same questions turned the planned morning session into an all-day event.

And Botley’s testimony was not the only lengthy Q&A during the multi-day hearing. Detailing the financial workings of a school district that had millions upon millions of dollars stolen by multiple individuals over the course of multiple years ultimately took longer to explain than the few days set aside to hear from more than a dozen witnesses and put into evidence hundreds of documents.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Botley is accused of failing to detect the poor financial controls at BISD during the years he was paid to audit the school district, in violation of his role as a CPA licensed through the state of Texas, specifically the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

During the last week of June, Public Accountancy attorney Boehm-McKaughan detailed a litany of ways her agency contends Botley was not only negligent in his professional duties to BISD during each of those three years, but also at least partially responsible for thefts from the school district in excess of $4 million. She’s asking Judge O’Malley to revoke Botley’s Texas CPA license and make him pay administrative costs of at least $14,669 on top of an additional $25,000 administrative penalty.

Now, Boehm-McKaughan will also be spending the week of Sept. 26-28 finalizing that request as time ran out on the scheduled hearing dates before all the state’s evidence could be heard.

According to information from the Board of Public Accountancy, Botley’s hearing will resume Sept. 26, 27 and 28. At that time, the agency will continue to call witnesses already outlined in the original witness list filing. More than two hours of Botley’s four-hour testimony before the hearing judge can be viewed at