Undefeated Bellator welterweight champ speaks after his win over Koreshkov

Undefeated Bellator welterweight champ speaks after his win over Koreshkov

Post fight comments from Bellator’s huge Spike TV card held at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho NM on July 31. No press conference was held for the fighters due to five post TV prelim fights but Ben Askren, Michael Chandler, King Mo and Bjorn Rebney were available for some quotes.

Ben Askren

On outstriking Andrey Koreshkov…

‘Three strikes? No, he only hit me with one and that was the knee. Maybe an elbow scraped me so I don’t know where they got the third one from.’


Should the fight been stopped sooner?

‘I was just sitting on top of him and I asked the ref ‘how many times do I have to hit him before you are going to stop this? At this point it was getting ugly. He wasn’t defending. I was hitting him at what, an average of 20 strikes per minute? He fought hard and kept moving, so that was annoying. A lot of lesser fighters would have just let me choke ‘em, but he was tough.


What do you say to your haters who talk about different aspects of your fighting game?

‘I’m a wrestler. I’m the best wrestler in MMA. Wrestling is, was and always will be the most dangerous Mixed Martial Art on the planet. We all know. Some people want to doubt it and fight it, but wrestlers rule the MMA world.


What’s next with you and Bellator since this was your last fight under contract?

Since the cat is out of the bag, I don’t know. I’m not sure.


How would you stack up against GSP?

It would be a little bit more difficult, but something like that (referring to Koreshkov fight).


You like being the heel?

You are either the heel or the face and for me it’s easier being the heel. There were a lot of people who tuned into Spike TV tonight to see me get knocked out. The likelihood of that happening was 1%.


There is a lot of buzz about your DVD, ‘Manhandling Manifesto

It went great. Alan Belcher does a lot of great Internet marketing and we got together. I think I am doing a lot of things in Mixed Martial Arts that no other wrestler has done — mixing the grappling with the wrestling. It’s a book of secrets and no one else in the world is doing what I am doing now. I think it’s a huge and valuable product. I’m not about keeping secrets, I’m about helping the sport and if you want to learn transitions, this is a blueprint for them.