Don Stevens (Delta track announcer)
Winners: 166-527 (.314)
Best Bets: 21-51 (.411)
Longshots: 28-78 (.358)
Top 3 picks in the $: .521

Morning Line (track odds)
Winners: 155-527 (.294)
Best Bets: 58-130 (.446)
Longshots: 19-67 (.283)
Top 3 picks in the $: .501

Chad Cooper (Sports Editor)
Winners: 150-527 (.284)
Best Bets: 5-23 (.217)
Longshots: 11-37 (.297)
Top 3 picks in the $: .511


It’s the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good? The Lamar Cardinals have announced their 2011 football schedule.

The bad? The Cards officially enter Southland Conference play and are eligible to win the conference title, so all conference games count.

The ugly? The non-conference portion is weak. With the Cards playing league football now, they won’t be able to pick and chose opponents, so a win is a win. The football team needs to stay away from the stigma of beating up on non-conference opponents only to struggle during SLC play.