Ad Hoc Beaumont

Adair Stephens painting

Ad Hoc Beaumont will bring the first mobile pop-up art show to Beaumont on Thursday, April 7. Inspired by the success of food trucks, Ad Hoc Beaumont is taking art out of the galleries and into the streets.

“We want to help people think about art in different ways and reach more communities of people, especially the young and old that may not have access to local art spaces,” said Michael Mason, founding member of Ad Hoc Beaumont.


What does it feel like to experience a mine cave-in? Trapped in total darkness, with a dwindling supply of oxygen, food and water and perhaps a diminishing stock of trust, patience, and sanity as well, five struggle to survive in a 1973 West Virginia coal mine in Butcher Holler Here We Come.

The production is available to Southeast Texas audiences thanks to a unique collaboration between Brooklyn-based theater group Aztec Economy, local independent theater group Ad Hoc Beaumont and Beaumont Community Players.