ARM flights flown on NASA’s SubsoniC Research Aircraft Testbed G-III

A series of NASA flight tests has successfully demonstrated technologies that achieve a significant reduction in the noise generated by aircraft and heard by communities near airports.

The Acoustic Research Measurement (ARM) flights, which concluded in May, at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, tested technology to address airframe noise, or noise that is produced by non-propulsive parts of the aircraft, during landing. The flights successfully combined several technologies to achieve a greater than 70 percent reduction in airframe noise.


Rumors rose almost faster than floodwaters during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Locals reshared social media posts claiming that flesh eating bacteria was lurking in floodwaters, animals lost during the storm were being euthanized at Ford Park, and FEMA was requiring that homeowners place signs on debris removed from flooded homes forbidding its removal until the debris was documented.

All untrue.

Judice’s Cajun Café at 2045 Texas Ave. in Bridge City

Jefferson County Commissioners approved a ground lease agreement with Al Judice on Monday, May 8, to bring a new Cajun restaurant to Jack Brooks Regional Airport in Mid-County.

Al Judice, who owns Judice’s Cajun Café in Bridge City and Judice’s French Market in Port Arthur, agreed to pay an annual base fee of $5,600 for the first five years and an increased rate every five years afterwards.


The Texas Transportation Commission approved approximately $400,000 for improvements to the Orange County Airport at a May meeting.