Lamar math instructor Gary Brice said he started out writing a book to pay “homage to a special place and special people,” but ended up writing a timely memoir about racial tensions.

“The Birds, Their Carols Raise” was previously published as an e-book called “Nacogdoches, 1960.”

“You wouldn’t find hardly a hair difference between the two,” he said.


Amazon, the online marketing powerhouse best known for its general merchandise, groceries, digital books and streaming media, has now entered a somewhat new market. While Amazon has had an online app store since 2008, with hundreds of thousands of paid and free Android apps, Amazon recently announced a new Android app and a feature on its website offering a wide selection of normally paid apps for free.

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You could not watch any local or network show Tuesday, July 21, without hearing about a new online shopping service that claims it will undercut Amazon, Costco, Sam’s, Walmart, and all other online and local retailers. In beta testing for several months, this new online shopping service Jet ( went live to all July 21.