Becky Ames

‘Joy Luck Game Room’ after being raided and subsequently closed down

The Beaumont City Council continues to live up to the words of some of its representatives, who have said they will never again allow a gaming site to set up shop in their fair city.

In a unanimous vote Aug. 28, the council denied a Specific Use Permit (SUP) for a gaming facility in a Commercial-Manufacturing District located at 6470 Washington Blvd., just half a mile from Kelly High School.

Robin Mouton

The Beaumont City Council chose its new mayor pro-tem following the death of Gethrel “Get” Williams Wright, the at-large councilwoman who was serving in the role at the time of her death.

Mayor Becky Ames said the council had to choose another Mayor Pro-Tem, who acts as the mayor’s substitute when she’s unavailable, as soon as possible. She also explained that the council would soon vote to fill Williams-Wright’s seat on the council in the interim until its next up for election. Council members say candidates are currently being considered.

Fire Chief Anne Huff, Mayor Becky Ames and City Manager Kyle Hayes present Beaum
Jimmy Singletary, Becky Ames, Kyle Hayes and Carol Riley


The Beaumont City Council recognized 21 employees for long-term loyalty to the city Nov. 7, presenting each with an award signifying their years of service to Beaumont and its citizens.

Two employees received awards for 40 years of service. Yolanda Duriso from Water Quality Control and Beaumont Fire-Rescue Capt. Brad Penisson were both recognized for four decades of employment with the city.

Beaumont Police Detectives JoAnn Jacobs and Lisa Jardine were awarded for 30 years of service, as was Joyce Tanner of Code Enforcement.

Councilwoman Gethrel “Get” Williams-Wright speaks with Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames

As one councilperson’s tenure as mayor pro tempore ends, another has been chosen to act in that capacity for the city of Beaumont. At-large Councilwoman Gethrel “Get” Williams-Wright will take over as mayor pro tem for Ward 4 Councilwoman Robin Mouton. Mouton continues to serve on city council.


Early voting kicked off April 24 in Beaumont with just a trickling of its populace turning out to select city leadership. During the first three days of early voting for the May 6 election, just under 2,000 voters made their way to one of Beaumont’s five polling locations – Rogers Park, Beaumont City Hall, Beaumont ISD Administration Building, John Paul Davis Community Center, and Johns Library, with an added roughly 300 mail-in ballots received by election officials.


Beaumont election deadline arrives

Beaumont City Clerk Tina Broussard has rejected the application of would-be mayoral candidate Hani

How many pets makes too many? And how do you reduce the number of unwanted pets?

The Beaumont City Council is considering making some relatively major changes to the city’s animal care ordinance, and some minor ones, as well. During a work session following the city council meeting Jan. 10, the council addressed some of those changes, including name changes and increases in pet limits and adoption fees.


Join the Downtown Museum District on the grounds of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas (AMSET) and Texas Energy Museum at 500 Main Street for the annual Holiday Tree Lighting Party from 4 - 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8.

Children and their families are invited, once again, to celebrate the holiday season with hands-on activities at this festive celebration complete with a visit from Santa Claus. Admission is free and open to the public.

Mayor Becky Ames said the council appreciates the efforts city staff has made.

During a work session at their regular meeting Aug. 16, the Beaumont City Council discussed plans for restoring residential recycling in the municipality.

sidewalk problems

Where the sidewalks end, the danger for Beaumont students begins, Ward 4 Councilwoman Robin Mouton warns.