As the weather grows cooler to kick off the New Year, the thought of hot pizza is even that much more enticing. But if you’re growing tired of the same old mainstream pizza places, give Brick Oven Pizza in Lumberton a try.

What sets this pizzeria apart from its competitors?

“The way the pizza is cooked on bricks just makes it taste amazing,” said Cristi Pickering, manager at Brick Oven Pizza. “It gives it a nice, crispy crust. It’s not too fluffy.”


The City of Beaumont 2015 Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, September 19, 2015 has sold out. The event is taking place at the Downtown Event Centre at 700 Crockett Street.

Emily Wheeler, Division Manager for the City of Beaumont Event Facilities, announced the updated event details, adding that tickets will not be available at the door.