Board of Trustees

Although Beaumont City Clerk Tina Broussard was required to remove mayoral candidate Hani Tohme from the municipality’s elections ballot due to concerns over voter registration, incumbent Mayor Becky Ames drew competition for the elected post from Jude Paredez and Christopher Jones.


The week ends with no new contenders posted on Thursday or Friday for the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees election. However, The Examiner had learned that local philanthropist and businesswoman Mandie Peel is considering a bid for the At-Large post on the BISD dais.

Peel, along with husband Dr. Garrett Peel, is a parent to five – with students in public, private and home schools.

Former Lamar University president Jimmy Simmons (top left) will head the new b
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Texas Education Agency deputy commissioner Michael Berry ruled that TEA Commissioner Michael Williams was within his right to appoint an interim superintendent and Board of Mangers to take over operations formerly entrusted to the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees on Monday, July 14.