bonnie stephenson

Rose City Mayor Bonnie Stephenson is appearing on NBC's Megyn Kelly TODAY at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 6, to talk about the devastation Hurricane Harvey wreaked upon the small town and the ongoing recovery efforts led by grassroots organization CAN-DO and its CEO Eric Klein, who has been in Rose City for weeks lending a helping hand to the heavily impacted, and mostly uninsured, community.


Every home in Rose City except two sustained damage during the catastrophic flooding that Hurricane Harvey brought to Southeast Texas, and, while other cities begin the rebuilding process, the small town is still literally trying to pick up the pieces and sift through the rubble they once called home.

Mayor Bonnie Stephenson said her city and its residents are in dire need of assistance.

“The city was devastated,” Stephenson said, “but, we’re coming back. These people have lost everything, and they need help.”