After remaining flat for four consecutive years, property taxes are rising in Beaumont.

The Beaumont City Council unanimously approved an increase in the property tax rate Sept. 26, raising the rate from $0.69/100 to $0.71/100, a two-cent increase that will bring in 4.7 percent additional revenue to the municipality. The majority of property taxes are dedicated to the general fund, $0.49/100, while approximately $0.22/100 is applied to the debt service.

Ford Pavillion

Jefferson County commissioners and County Judge Jeff Branick are hoping to shave some utility costs off the budget by making energy efficient changes to county buildings where possible. The largest, and least intrusive, means of energy cost-savings, commissioners agree, will come in the form of upgrading light bulbs in many of the county’s facilities to LED (light emitting diodes) over traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Alex Rupp, manager of Jack Brooks Regional Airport speaks with Commissioners.

Jefferson County Commissioners have tentatively committed to approving a budget for the coming fiscal year that will not raise the tax burden placed on property owners, but in order to do so, the elected leaders have to figure out how to balance a budget with more funding requests and less income.

According to Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick, who heads the Commissioners Court, the county has been hard hit by lowered gas prices.

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Stronger budgets and new construction are outcomes of the 84th legislative session that Lamar University officials are calling one of the best ever for the university.

Interim Jefferson County DA Cory Crenshaw speaks at a recent Rotary meeting.

Interim Jefferson County District Attorney Cory Crenshaw, continuing to create change and call for action against public corruption and other crime across the county, addressed two separate groups over the course of two days to outline both the necessity of additional requested resources in his office, and on July 23, announcing upcoming BISD