Beaumont Police Burglary Detectives are investigating several burglaries that occurred throughout the city over the weekend, BPD Officer Carol Riley reports.

According to Riley, during the early morning hours of Sunday, April 10, suspects used force to gain entry into three different vehicle dealership locations. Classic, Kinsel and Mike Smith car dealerships reported burglaries and had damage to almost all of their showrooms and offices.


A citizen in search of his stolen cell phone tracked the device to a Port Arthur residence where officers investigating the theft reportedly discovered a sizable stash of presumably stolen property.


In an urgent news release, the Orange County Sheriff's Office is currently requesting help from the public in catching the culprits of multiple recent burglaries in Orange.

News Release from Sgt. Chad Hogan:

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, along with several other agencies, are currently investigating some daytime residential burglaries in various neighborhoods throughout the County. Most of the burglaries have occurred during the workweek in the daytime hours.