BISD Superintendent John Frossard with Caballero, Simmons and Carroll

It was business as usual. No long good-byes. No bidding adieu with endless platitudes. But the Beaumont ISD Board of Managers lost three members as Board President Jimmy Simmons and members Lenny Caballero and Jack Carroll served for the last time in their official capacity during the district’s Wednesday, July 19, monthly meeting.

“With great sorrow,” Manager Joe Domino moved to accept the three members’ resignation – and that was that.

Former Lamar University president Jimmy Simmons (top left) will head the new b
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Texas Education Agency deputy commissioner Michael Berry ruled that TEA Commissioner Michael Williams was within his right to appoint an interim superintendent and Board of Mangers to take over operations formerly entrusted to the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees on Monday, July 14.