Cecil Hightower

My favorite tomato is a big, juicy, red, fresh-off-the-vine homegrown one. Next I’d have to say “yummy” to those sweet little cherry tomatoes, and who doesn’t’ love a delicious fried green tomato? The truth is, I’ve never met a homegrown tomato that I didn’t like.

My first (and probably only) romantic story involving a tomato was when my mother would reminisce about her honeymoon at Niagara Falls where they spread out a quilt and enjoyed tomato sandwiches while taking in the view.

Lasagna gardening with speakers Phyllis Smith and Ann Bares, with help from butt

We can thank Master Gardener team leaders Toni Clark, Tony Lucenti, Cecil Hightower, Jerry Jobe, Melissa Starr, Dorothy Norris, Diane Davis, Penny Gilfillian, Phyllis Smith Stellina Reid, Joyce Logan, Carolyn Barras and many more for this years very successful Annual Fall Plant Sale.