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Central Mall welcomes four-legged shoppers on Wednesday nights in August, beginning Aug. 10, for newly launched Dog Days events

Shoppers in Port Arthur may soon be taking a new route on their nightly dog walk. From 5-8 p.m. each Wednesday in August, beginning August 10, Central Mall, managed by JLL, is encouraging its shoppers to bring their pooches in for themed events. The newly launched Dog Days program will feature fur-friendly experiences on four themed nights:


Not many plants, trees or flowers can boast that they bloom continuously for months on end. But the vitex can! It is a sure-fire winner for your yard. This purple bloomer is an excellent choice for our smaller, modern suburban landscapes.

You may know this small tree or bush by other names. Some folks call this specimen tree a “chaste tree.” I’ve also heard it called Hemp tree, sage tree, Indian Spice tree and monk’s pepper. It is native to China and India but became a “resident” of America hundreds of years ago.


Port Arthur City Manager Brian McDougal knew when he took the job a year ago it wouldn’t be simple to revitalize a storm-damaged Port Arthur and make it a popular tourist destination, but he did not know about the public corruption he would have to help stamp out during the rebuilding process.

But he says he’s still up to the challenge and sees a bright future for his city.


A woman crossing the street in her power wheelchair was critically injured March 3 after being struck by a vehicle near Central Mall in Port Arthur.