Carl Parker

Those of us who live in a democratic, free society live under a basic contract. Our contract with the government is embodied in what we know as our constitutions. Our basic document in Texas is a constitution written in approximately 1877. It has undergone several hundred amendments; a major effort in 1977 to rewrite the whole thing failed. The Texas constitution is an instrument or contract we live under. Nov.

Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie:

I have three dogs. I love them and treat them well. In turn, I expect and receive good behavior. And I wish people wouldn’t assume that just because I have dogs, it’s fine for them to bring their dogs over when they come by my house.

I have had people bring dogs that have peed on my dogs’ beds, on walls, on a wicker chest. One even pooped in a bedroom. They have chewed and destroyed my dogs’ toys, too.


There is a banner hanging on the outside wall of Austin Middle School proclaiming the Beaumont Independent School District a National Model School District according to the National League of Cities. Underneath the name of that respected organization in small type are the letters NBC-LEO, which stands for National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials. As it happens, the immediate past president of that group is Audwin Samuel – a Beaumont city councilman and former BISD trustee.