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Mr. Ronnie Lee was recognized as Employee of the Month by the Orange Chamber

A teacher and a student at Community Christian School in Orange were recently nominated for awards from the Orange Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Ronnie Lee, high school teacher at Community Christian School, was recognized as Employee of the Month by the Orange Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Lee has dedicated 17 post retirement years to teaching upper level math and science to our students, including dual credit courses through Lamar Orange. He will celebrate his 80th birthday later this month.


This week, Mrs. Ashley Kelly encouraged her students to meld creativity into their science classes.

“They learn so much more when they actually do hands on versus reading from a book," Kelly explained. 

Kelly teaches both seventh and eighth grade science and ninth and tenth grade biology at Community Christian School in Orange, according to administrative assistant Kara Dewberry.

The middle school students wrote biographical articles about a scientist of their choice and dressed like their scientist for the day.


Every year, Community Christian School students take one week out of the school year to perform community service around the Golden Triangle. CCS’s junior high volunteered at the Salvation Army, Stable Spirit, the Sharing Station and Little White Crosses.


Community Christian School

The varsity cross country team at Community Christian School in Orange recently competed at the TAPPS 2A state championship in Waco on Oct. 31.


Community Christian School’s kindergarten and first grade classes celebrated the 100th day of school with 100th Day Celebration Stations, What I Will Look Like At 100 Face Creations, 100 Fruit Loop Necklaces, 100 Things Posters, 100 Things T-shirts, and much more, according to CCS Administrative Assistant Kara Dewberry.

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Senior Matthew McAfee of Community Christian School in Orange was selected as a member of the eighth class of the prestigious Mirabeau Scholars at Lamar University and was offered a Mirabeau Scholarship.  The Mirabeau Scholarship is one of the most valuable academic scholarships offered by Lamar University and will cover full tuition, fees, books, room and board, and books.