Dunisha Baker

A woman who allegedly showed up drunk for a CPS hearing was arrested in Orange on Jan. 9, police report.

According to a police report by Orange Police Department Officer Brice Due, 24-year-old Dunisha Baker of Orange was arrested under suspicion of public intoxication after a state investigator called police and reported the woman had shown up at the office, apparently under the influence of something, for a hearing pertaining to her children.

Baby Faith Mason

UPDATE: Baby Faith's parents were arrested on charges of injury to a child Sept. 27, 2013: http://theexaminer.com/stories/news/baby-faiths-parents-arrested



Waiving signs and banners that proclaimed messages such as “No Excuse for Child Abuse,” a stream of Southeast Texans clad in blue shirts took to the streets surrounding the Jefferson County Courthouse to make a statement that could be not only be heard, but seen by every motorist, employee and guest of Beaumont’s central downtown area.