A tanker truck travels on FM 2067 between Austin and Victoria in April 2018.

Damage from heavy trucks has battered local roads in and around the state's oil fields, and many counties want the state to help pay for repairs and maintenance. Will lawmakers take action?


W.C. Steinmann says his family roots in Texas date back to 1882.

The 74-year-old rancher lives in DeWitt County, between San Antonio and Victoria, an area surrounded by oil and natural gas fields. Steinmann and other local property owners say the oil and gas boom is destroying the rural road system.


A company proposing exploratory drilling in the backyard of a Port Arthur church has gotten the “go-ahead” from city leaders. In a meeting held at the Port Arthur City Hall on Friday, Nov. 9, elected leaders heard from Ben Balagia, a representative of the Houston-based Tri-C Resources exploration company, who was in town asking for the city’s permission to drill thousands of feet below a 400-acre tract off Highway 73 in search of oil and natural gas.