Allison Nathan Getz posted a photo of the graffiti on Facebook

No one knows when the graffiti was painted on the Riverfront Park bridge, but the newspaper reporter who discovered “stupid f------g Jews” in spray paint on the morning of Feb. 6 called Allison Nathan Getz, saying he would not leave the bridge until the hateful words were removed.

Getz said that she contacted city manager Kyle Hayes, who met her at Riverfront Park to inspect the damage.


Beaumont Police posted a Tip of the Week on Facebook Nov. 28 about holiday shopping. BPD recommends that shoppers follow these steps to protect themselves and prevent crime during the holiday season.

"Nothing can ruin a holiday spirit faster than becoming the victim of a crime," the post said. "Unfortunately, criminals view the season a little differently. The Beaumont Police Department would like to offer some safety tips to help you stay safe for the holidays."


UPDATE: Elizalde is being held in the Orange County Jail on a $1 million bond after being charged with murder.


Patricia Kloefkorn (MySpace.com)

Courthouse employee Patricia Kloefkorn was released from her position as the court coordinator for Jefferson County Judge Raquel West’s 252nd District Court once the judge learned of a Facebook post made by the staffer on her day off that was decried as offensive and crude by users of the social media platform.


A Facebook group for residents of Vidor and the surrounding area is causing quite a stir in social media circles, generating some mixed emotions with its efforts to clean up Vidor streets.

President Barack Obama

BU study shows racism alive, well among new media users


In the days before the civil rights movement, blacks were stereotyped as “animalist, evil or shiftless.” A recent Baylor University study showed that these labels are not a thing of the past; nor does a person’s political or societal status make them immune. There has been a resurgence of these images on social networking sites such as Facebook.