Glenn Watz

The Jefferson County Master Gardeners gave away hundreds of saplings Feb. 17. The one year old seedlings, including bald cypress and a variety of oak species, were provided by Campbell Global Foresting.

Campbell, based out of Portland, Oregon, has over 1 million acres in Texas and Louisiana and grows 50,000 trees spread out over an acre and a half in Jasper every year, according to forester Jeff Earl, who works for the company.

“And they donate all of them,” Earl said. “We spread it out to the communities in our area.”


I hope that you have been saving up some plastic bags and other small waterproof containers. Why? It is almost time for the much-anticipated annual Tree Give Away, a project of the Jefferson County Master Gardeners. Prepare to make the short trip over to the Jefferson County Master Garden Test Garden at Jack Brooks Regional Airport on Friday, Feb. 19, from 8-11 a.m. to get your own trees.