gun safety

Carl Parker

Following recent mass murders, conservative politicians have rushed to the scene to show sympathy. And there has also been a great deal of criticism of politicians who arrive and offer only thoughts and prayers for the survivors of the killings. As a person of faith, I certainly believe that there is a great deal to be said for offering prayers of comfort. The problem arises, though, when prayers and good thoughts are the only thing offered by politicians.

Photos courtesy of Detective Joe Paul and the PAPD

Two recent accidental shootings in Port Arthur suggest some residents don’t how to safely handle weapons, and the number of new gun owners grows all the time. This year alone, the FBI recorded 185,713 background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background system for Black Friday purchases in the U.S., 400 more than 2015, Business Insider reported Nov. 28.

Although they’re often given as presents, firearms are not toys. Mishandled, they can lead to injuries that range from embarrassing to life threatening.