Huntsman Corporation

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Meade Huntsman Sr., 80, died Friday, Feb. 2, at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His family released a statement saying he “passed away peacefully” around 2 p.m., “surrounded by a loving family, following long-term health challenges.”

Huntsman had previously beaten prostate cancer, mouth cancer and two types of skin cancer in his lifetime.


In a time of tremendous loss and dire need in Southeast Texas following Hurricane Harvey, Jon Huntsman Sr., founder and executive chairman of the Huntsman Corporation, has responded and is issuing a challenge to other business leaders — give.

In a special press conference Tuesday, Sept. 5, at the Jefferson County Courthouse, which was still closed for business due to Hurricane Harvey, Huntsman announced that he wanted to help get Southeast Texans back on their feet.


When Southeast Texans drive by the Huntsman Performance Products Manufacturing facility on Spur 136 in Port Neches or the Huntsman site in Port Arthur, perhaps they recognize the name, having maybe heard about the petrochemical company from friends or family that might be employed at the facility. But how many know the story behind the success that is the Huntsman Corporation and the humble beginnings from which it was born?