Jacorry Green

Jacorry Jamard Green

After releasing the pictures and names of three persons of interest in the recent robberies in Beaumont, officers with the Beaumont Police Department (BPD) took a suspect into custody, Saturday, Sept. 15.

According to a press release from BPD, on Friday, September 14, following a series of robberies in the Beaumont area, BPD detectives obtained an aggravated robbery arrest warrant for 18-year-old Jacorry Jamard Green and arrested him the next day.


It’s after midnight. A young couple parks at Westgate Memorial Baptist Church, a place considered by many as a safe haven, to talk and say their goodbyes before going their separate ways for the evening. Suddenly, their peace is shattered when four men, one wielding a handgun, approach the vehicle and accost the pair, stealing their cell phones, car keys and the SUV the youth were occupying.

Jacorry Green, Deondre Guillory Briggs and Stephen Michael Wilkerson

On Tuesday, August 1, at 1:18 a.m., Beaumont police officers were in the 500 block of Dowlen Road when they pulled into the Glen Oaks apartment complex at 520 Dowlen Road and observed several males pulling on the door handles of vehicles and checking to see if they were unlocked, Officer Haley Morrow said in a release.