The sun had yet to rise Friday, April 15, when Jana Williams got the call.

“My niece called me, to tell me what happened,” Williams remembers vividly. “Then the ambulance driver called me after that.”

The news from the other end of the phone was what parents’ nightmares are made of. Williams’ middle son, Ethan, was involved in a car accident – and the 21-year-old man who she nursed and loved his whole life was critically injured.


In December of 2010, retired veteran and former Orange County Veterans Service Officer Ken Cavaretta said he would not rest until he saw justice served in the shooting death of fellow veteran Marine LCpl James Whitehead, and it is a cause he has continued to champion into the new year. Cavaretta worked with Whitehead in the months prior to the former serviceman’s death while serving in the county’s Veterans Service office and, according to him, the fun-loving guy he had come to know and care about didn’t deserve the fate that awaited him.