Lamar football team

Lamar’s football team held a scrimmage Aug. 11 at Provost Umphrey Stadium. The scrimmage was broken down into three parts — offense vs. defense, special teams and red zone work.

The offense had the upper hand in the scrimmage, breaking several big plays, while the defense flipped the script during special teams work.


There’s been a whirlwind of changes since Mike Schultz arrived as the new head football coach earlier this year and a major point of emphasis under Schultz is that players get stronger by spending more time in the weight room. 

With that said, Schultz and the coaching staff hosted a first for the Lamar football team — Night of Champions — on April 25, which is a strength and conditioning showcase that saw several members of the team square off in bench press, squats and deadlift at Provost Umphrey Stadium in front of fans.