The Lost World

Sally Chandler

The question as to whether Facebook, Twitter, texting, video games and other new technologies are causing social isolation in today’s society will continue to be a hot debate among sociologists, psychologists and other academics; now, the issue is seeping into the world of art.

Eighth graders from Odom Academy paint mural on AMSET wall

Pecos artist Sally Chandler guided eighth graders from the Odom Academy of Beaumont as they painted a 13-foot-long, 6-foot high mural on the wall of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas (AMSET) Tuesday, April 16.

“They’re doing such a good job,” Chandler said. “Yesterday, we spent most of the day talking about ‘The Lost World’ (Chandler’s exhibit). There are 18 (children) and they each have their own space and each have their own stories.”