Mickey Sterling

Arbitration hearing of Mickey Sterling

Fired Port Arthur Det. Mickey Sterling’s arbitration hearing continued into its third day Nov. 16. But with no end yet in sight, arbitrator Don Hays postponed the hearing, and time will be set aside for him to hear the rest of the story at a later date. Hays indicated he hopes he will get the whole truth, and he is taking measures to ensure that he does.


More than one veteran police officer was released from duty at the Port Arthur Police Department within a week’s time. Mickey Sterling and Rickey Antoine were terminated from employment on consecutive Fridays amid allegations of impropriety. Both had been on administrative leave pending a final decision to terminate or to return them to work by PAPD Chief Patrick Melvin. 

Officer Darren Johnson, placed on administrative leave at the same time as Antoine, resigned.


An Examiner investigation has uncovered information that sources say led to several recent suspensions at the Port Arthur Police Department.

During an exclusive interview with The Examiner, a woman who says she was victimized by PAPD officers revealed the details of her complaint, which is purportedly one of several issues under investigation.

The press release

Joal Morgan Riley

A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted Joal Morgan Riley, 47, for aggravated assault upon a public servant, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office announced Feb. 8.

Riley’s indictment stems from an altercation Dec. 22. Port Arthur Police Department (PAPD) reported a 911 call at 6:33 p.m. stating that an officer was being assaulted at Willow Lakes Apartments.