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Keeath Magee

Jefferson County District Court Judge Milton Sheffield granted an extension to the temporary restraining order won by petitioner Melinda Harper, a Beaumont resident and, thereby, a Beaumont ISD stakeholder, on April 16, preventing the school district from conti

Beaumont City Councilman and local attorney Mike Getz reading The Examiner at th

As the Beaumont Independent School District Board of Trustees prepares for its final budget meeting before adopting a fiscal plan for the coming school year, the agency is looking to fill a deficiency in the millions. Prior budget meetings have failed to elicit a meeting of the minds on how to cover the anticipated shortfall.

Meeting 1 – Bare bones


Although the municipal elections in Beaumont included mayoral and city council candidates the most watched issue on the ballot Saturday, May 14 had to do with the Beaumont Independent School District and a movement to change the representative system from seven single-member districts to five single-member districts with two at-large positions - a plan similar to what is in place with the Beaumont City Council.