outstanding warrant

Port Arthur Police released a reminder Tuesday, Nov. 6 that any one who suspects that they have an outstanding warrant can check online by visiting www.portarhturtx.gov/315/warrants.com .

The website allows you to search by name and any with an outstanding warrant can pay online at www.patrafficpay.com, however, you must have the citation number. Those who wish to pay by phone can call (1800) 444-1187.

For more information call the Municipal Court at (409) 983-8686 or Officer Keith Perkins at (409) 984-8556.


Police in Port Arthur are warning the public that callers posing as emergency dispatchers are contacting city residents to tell them they have outstanding tickets and threatening arrest if they don't send money immediately. 

According to a news release from the Port Arthur Police Department, they have received multiple reports from people who were called by a number that appeared to be the Port Arthur Police 9-1-1 Dispatch Operators and told to send money via Western Union right away or get thrown in jail.