Pet of the Week

Gerry the dog

Gerry is a sweet pup who had a hard beginning! He was seized by the Orange PD in September after he was left in a car for over an hour with three other dogs. The other dogs ganged up on Gerry, who suffered extensive bite wounds. Orange Animal Control seized Gerry, and the Humane Society wants to give him a fresh start. A dachshund at about 27 pounds and maybe 3 and a half years old, he’s very handsome and playful, and would make a perfect addition to any family. Gerry gets along well with other dogs and adores attention! He has lots of energy, so a fenced in yard is a must.

Binky the cat

This is Binkey, our sweet gal. She is a loving, kind, young, black and white female domestic house cat. Probably in human years, Binky is equivalent to a teenager. And with any teenager, Binky loves attention, toys and, of course, the ever famous “head and ear scratch.” Unlike most teenagers, she is very neat with her litter box and keeps a clean kennel. Binky gets along with other cats and would be a great companion. Binky can be seen at Beaumont Animal Care, 1884 Pine St., Beaumont. Ask for No. 31865.

Finn the German Shepherd

Finn is a 68-pound Shepherd mix. Finn is an adult male and is very energetic and silly, fun-loving doggie just begging for attention. He craves affection and prefers to be the only dog being loved on. Finn would do well with older children because of his very playful disposition. Sadly, Finn has been at Beaumont Animal Care since Nov. 6, and no one has shown interest in this fine fellow! He deserves more than a life at the shelter. Visit Finn at 1884 Pine St., Beaumont.

Shelby, black Lab

Meet Shelby, a 45-pound female black Lab mix. Shelby has been at Beaumont Animal Care since Oct. 24, and shelter staff wish to see her adopted soon. She is a happy dog, gets along with her kennel mates, and walks like a sweet lady on a leash. Shelby is not a big fan of cats but loves to be with people, especially when they have an endless supply of toys for her. She has kind, gentle behavior. To learn more about Shelby, visit her at Beaumont Animal Care, 1884 Pine St., Beaumont, ID No. 31595.

Penny the cat
Randy the dog
Comet the cat
Dixon the dog

You can’t adopt the dogs and cats pictured here. Why? Because as past Pet of the Week candidates, they’ve all been adopted or pulled by a rescue group! But Beaumont Animal Care still needs your help in saving a life or fostering a homeless pet for the holidays.

Sienna the chocolate lab

Sienna is a young adult female chocolate lab and weighs about 45 pounds. Sienna has been at the shelter since late October and is such a sweet dog that we cannot believe no one has adopted her. She has a wonderful personality, loves the water and enjoys play-time. She is curious and gets along with other dogs. She is tired of the cold concrete floor and yearns for a soft bed. Sienna would be the perfect dog for a hike or camping, or long walks on the beach. If you are looking for love and a loyal companion, Sienna is waiting for you!

Rosie the terrier

Rosie is a young, black/brindle female terrier mix. She may also have a dash of Chihuahua mixed in too. Rosie is quiet, very sweet and crate trained. She loves any attention she can get and will curl up in your lap. Rosie sits in the shelter lobby each day watching and waiting and hoping the next guest will pick her. So far, no luck. This girl is going to make a darling companion to take on car rides, evening walks, and be that quiet friend to watch all of those holiday movies with!

Pearce the Cat

Meet Pearce, a beautiful adult gray cat with gorgeous green eyes that will pierce your soul! Pearce is handsome and will adorn any piece of furniture in your home gorgeously! He loves to sit and observe but when playtime comes around, look out! He is definitely a man after your heart. Pearce has been at the shelter since early October, and it’s shocking no one has shown any interest in this sweet cat.


This is Starr, a cute female spaniel mix who weighs about 20 pounds.  Starr is about 1 1/2.   She seems lonely and uncertain about people, and doesn’t understand a kind voice or loving hand. Starr needs an owner who will be patient, nurturing and understanding. An experienced owner who has worked with animals who have fear would be ideal. Starr would not do well in a home with children. She is a dog that needs love. Will YOU give her that chance?