Project Graduation

Texas Department of Transportation representatives surprised five Nederland High School students with a $1,500 check benefiting Operation Graduation for winning first place in a contest that challenged participants to make the best public service announcement (PSA).


In 1981, the Texas Legislature designated Mauriceville as the “Crawfish Capital of Texas,” and 37 years later, the Mauriceville Crawfish Festival has become the “go-to” festival for all things crawfish.

One of the oldest running festivals in the state, the 37th annual festival will begin Friday, April 21, and go through Sunday, April 23. Sitting on 15 acres, the festival also celebrates music, art and culture, highlighting the unique heritage of Mauriceville and the surrounding areas.

Jefferson Co. Sheriff Zena Stephens and JCSA President “Ike” Eichelberger

Some schools call it “Project Graduation,” and at least one local school calls it “Project Celebration.” Whatever they may call it, public schools in Jefferson County are all preparing graduation-night festivities for student seniors, meant to reward long years of hard work and to keep the students safe on a night fraught with peril.

Jan. 12, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Association (JCSA) donated $1,000 to each of several high schools for their graduation night events.

shadow photo

New rodeo stars will be born during the wild and crazy “Dairyland Donkey Basketball Show” at Vidor High School on Monday, April 18, starting at 7 p.m. It’s basketball played on real, live donkeys, and it’s wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus! All local players will be riding, so come out and see someone you know try to ride a donkey and play basketball at the same time. It’s a thrill a minute, a spill a minute.