rainbow trout

The good news is that cold weather is finally here. The bad news is that gators

Most people won’t understand this unless they live in Southeast Texas – the best thing about a cold front is that it rids us of mosquitoes, at least for a little while. The one thing cold weather won’t do is run off alligators and snakes. It’s widely believed that a blast of cold air will send reptiles into a state of hibernation. That is definitely not true on the right side of Texas. Keep in mind that the first day of winter is Dec. 21. Even then, snakes and gators will be out and about.

Phil Brannan harvested this solid 8-pointer last week while hunting in the Hill

We’re well into the deer season at this point and, as predicted by wildlife biologists, there are some very nice bucks being tagged. Some of the best are from South Texas, but I’ve seen a couple of big bucks from the Hill Country that have better-than-average antlers. And as of last week, some of those Hill Country bucks were in the rut.