Randy Weber

The Women’s March on Washington grew overnight from a Facebook event started by a retired attorney in Hawaii to well over 200,000 attendees and supporters anticipated.

Locally, retired teacher Shelby Smith is leading a sister march in downtown Beaumont on Jan. 21 on the same day. 

“It’s basically a voice for the people. It’s not going to be a protest for just one thing,” Smith said. “It’s to show our solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington.”

Veterans Day 2015 photos

Southeast Texans celebrated our nation’s protectors during Veterans Day ceremonies across the area on Nov. 11. Community members and leaders joined veterans and their loved ones throughout the Golden Triangle to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.


An amendment highlighting the findings of the State Department’s environmental review of the Keystone XL Pipeline passed the House floor May 22. According to a press release by U.S. Congressman Randy Weber (R-Texas), his amendment strengthens the argument to pass the Northern Route Approval Act, which declares that a Presidential permit is not required for the Keystone XL Pipeline’s application.