Sabine Lake

I don’t know if it gets any better than this in Texas. We can hunt deer, shoot ducks and geese, fish for reds and trout under birds on Sabine Lake, or head to the surf to catch bull reds till our arms give out.

A few days ago, I fished Sabine Lake and two of us caught enough trout and reds to feed a family reunion. The very next day, I was sitting in a duck blind shooting red heads and pintails over a spread of decoys.

Robert Sloan photo

Fishing on Sabine Lake is nothing but one big guessing game these days. The fish that are on one day have lockjaw the next. Right now it’s tough to pin down birds holding over trout and reds, and if you do, most of the specks feeding under the birds are “cigar” sized.

Charles Shelton

The water temperature is right around the mid-50s on Sabine Lake, but that has not affected the catches of trout and reds so far this winter. In fact, regardless of how many late-winter fronts Old Man Winter sends our way, fishing in East and Southeast Texas has been pretty darned good. For example, there was a 10-pound trout caught on Sabine Lake last week.