Thanksgiving is not exactly a turkey’s dream come true. But for deer hunters it’s always nice to get lucky and harvest a turkey for the holidays. 

If it wasn’t for the Rio Grande turkeys, we wouldn’t have much of a turkey hunting season. The Rio Grande turkey is by far the most populous and widest-ranging wild turkey subspecies in our state. The other two subspecies with populations in Texas are the eastern turkey and the Merriam’s turkey.


The 2016 Texas quail season served as a renaissance reminder of how good hunting can be when all the right elements converge. Specifically, weather and habitat aligned to create a “super boom” year for quail production that led to exceptional hunts the likes of which had not been seen in many years.

For the second straight year, Texas dove hunters will have a 90-day season.

The 2017-18 migratory game bird seasons adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department give Texas hunters a 90-day dove season with a daily limit of 15 birds; duck hunters will be limited to one pintail per day, and the early teal season is set for Sept. 9-24 with a daily bag limit of six birds.

The really good news is that South Texas dove hunters will see increased opportunity this year thanks to a season-framework adjustment expanding the early September four-day Special White-winged Dove Area hunting season to the entire South Zone boundary.

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Following a series of public meetings on the Texas coast to seek angler input, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), along with the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, and the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC), have reached an agreement that will allow private recreational anglers to catch red snapper in federal waters on weekends this summer.

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As Southeast Texas looks forward at the months-long hurricane season, NOAA forecasters and local emergency responders say the time is now to prepare for what could potentially be early and  destructive storms.

First responders across the area are performing drills to perfect evacuation efforts and disseminating information to ready local residents for a quick exit if evacuation becomes mandatory.


Believe it or not, NOAA Fisheries is giving recreational fishermen three whole days to go after red snapper in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the shortest snapper season in history and is a direct slap in the face to all salty recreational anglers, and a huge favor for commercial fishing. How could a federal agency be so out of touch with the taxpaying citizens that keep them in business? One of our Texas politicians said last week, “Red snapper is a manmade fishery management disaster.”

Squirrels are one of the smartest animals you’ll ever hunt.

The squirrel season in 51 East Texas counties opened this week and runs from May 1-31. The daily bag limit is 10, and if you think that’s easy to do, you might want to give these tasty little critters a shot.

East and Southeast Texas offers some of the most challenging squirrel hunts in the state. And there is definitely no shortage of land. We have thousands of acres of public hunting lands. But one very good option is to set up a few hunts on your deer-hunting lease.

Texas has a whitetail deer population in excess of 4 million.

The Saturday, Nov. 5, deer season opener across Texas will be hot to go, as in sweating hot, thanks to unseasonably mild weather. However, bucks in East and Central Texas are in the rut, and it’s a sure thing that this is the time to be in a stand and on point for a shot at what might be the buck of a lifetime.

Big bucks will be in the rut in the Pineywoods.

The gun season opener on deer throughout Texas is Nov. 5, and now is the right time to start making plans for successful early season hunts.

The first four weeks of the Texas deer season are always the most exciting because you never know what to expect – especially in the Pineywoods. The rut is going on, and that means your chances of taking a wall-class buck don’t get much better.

The Central Zone dove opener was excellent.

The Sept. 1 Central Zone dove season opener was about as good as it gets on fields west of Beaumont, according to guide Jim West.