Shattered Dreams

Memorial High School Junior Javaun Butler, 17, was ‘killed’ as a result of drink

Over 1,500 students were able to witness the tragic consequences of drinking and driving on Tuesday, April 28, when Memorial High School in Port Arthur hosted a presentation from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office’s Shattered Dreams Program. The annual car-crash demonstration is meant to outline the dangers of drinking and driving, especially for teens.

photo by Cullen Dodd

Students and staff of Har­din-Jefferson High School in Sour Lake witnessed the dev­astating results of drinking and driving in a demonstration as part of the Shattered Dreams Program hosted by the school March 27.

Photo by Darian Beebe

Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Nederland High School, stu­dents were presented with a preview of what to expect if they make the wrong decision and choose to drink and drive.