Photo by Clem Webb

S.O.C. Save Our Children, Children in Motion, held its annual Appreciation Banquet recently to honor community leaders and supporters and highlight the importance of a loving educational environment with an emphasis and understanding of the importance of reading in everyone’s life.

This year’s honorees included Dr. Paris Bransford, the Dugas-Leger Law Firm, Port Arthur Mayor Deloris “Bobbie” Prince, Hargie Faye Savoy and Chief C. A. “Pete” Shelton.


A new program initiated by Save Our Children (S.O.C.) has recently been implemented in four Beaumont schools with the purpose of boosting the reading capabilities of Beaumont Independent School District students. And those involved in the program say it seems to be working.

Beaumont resident and S.O.C. found­er the Rev. J.D. Roberts said he noticed a disturbing trend in local schools.