speckled trout

Photo by Buddy Oaks

Lots of speckled trout, reds and flounder are being caught on Sabine Lake, Keith Lake and Calcasieu on a variety of lures and live baits. The water temperature on Sabine Lake is about 79 degrees.

Some of the best action of the year for both reds and flounder is along the Louisiana shoreline of Sabine Lake. Guide Jerry Norris says he’s catching lots of flounder on Berkley Gulps in pink or white while working the mouths of bayous, and small inlets along the Louisiana shoreline.

Big trout are on the move.

Even though the weather over the past week or so has been less than fantastic, fishing for big trout is a happening thing. A friend of mine e-mailed me a photo a few days ago of a trout he caught while wade fishing out of Port Mansfield. It was in the 10-pound class. She ate a slow-sinking Bomber Mullet (below) fished in a deep gut off of a sand flat. She got immediate CPR (caught, photographed and released).