Vidor Police Department

The Vidor Police Department is cracking down on offenders with outstanding warrants in the city, and in a move towards that effort, Police Chief Dave Shows is issuing a weekly top ten most wanted of those fugitives who have failed to pay their required fines for criminal offenses.

This week, VPD is searching for the following offenders:

Achee, Jason Ray, w/m, 39, wanted for five traffic warrants totaling $2,112;

photo by Sharon Brooks

A 41-year-old Vidor man was killed in an officer-related shooting late Friday afternoon, July 11, after his family called Vidor police for assistance

According to the deceased man’s mother, Anna Greer, her son Joe Greer was upset about ending a relationship and angrily slammed the door of the home they shared on Cady Street in Vidor, breaking the door and shattering the door glass.

Joy Kay Rickett (left) and Michael Dewayne Williamson

Vidor police arrested three people for methamphetamine-related crimes in a three days’ time, one of whom was driving around in a mobile meth lab, police report, and the Vidor


The first ever Blue Santa “Show and Shine” was held Saturday, Dec. 1, in the Vidor Walmart parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.