Village Creek

National Park Service photo

Big Thicket National Preserve will be holding a Paddling skills clinic to provide an opportunity for the community to develop safe and effective canoeing skills.

Robert Sloan photo Beat the heat with an early morning or late afternoon hike at

Something that absolutely drives me crazy are the folks that start a conversation about it being so hot during August. Hey, it’s always like this. On any given day you can scramble eggs on your driveway at high noon. We all know it’s Texas hot right now, but there are ways to get outdoors and still have some fun. For example, try:

Crabbing at McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge

Photo: Big Thicket Natural Heritage Trust members Tom Maddux and Ellen Buchanan

The Big Thicket Natural Heritage Trust is a small group of dedicated individuals organized with the mission to protect wildlife, biodiversity and the natural communities of the Big Thicket through encouragement of land stewardship values that promote sustainable communities.