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At a Beaumont Rocks painting party Jan. 23, Iris Smithey (not pictured) and Kath

Looking for an outdoor, child-friendly activity this spring? A community hide-and-seek painted rock group might be right for you.

The Vidor Rocks Facebook group, which started in mid August 2016, now has 4,575 members. The Beaumont Rocks group began around the same time and has 224 members.

Dorothy and Arthur Champagne

These days it is pretty normal for a man to kiss a woman on the second or third date, but in 1949, Arthur Champagne kissed his wife for the first time on the very day he proposed to her – after she said yes, of course. Dorothy and Arthur Champagne, residents of Calder Woods, will celebrate 67 years of marriage this year, and they thought it would be fun to share their old-fashioned yet adorable love story to inspire couples throughout Beaumont. 

Their love story starts in a grocery store in Port Arthur.

The winners of the school-level competition held Feb. 16 at Vidor High School (f

Vidor High School students Gillian Grant and Johnny Hall earned first place in Declamation and Interpretive Reading, respectively, at the school-level finals of the 113th Miriam Lutcher Stark Contest in Reading and Declamation, a scholarship program sponsored by the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation.

Beaumont Foundation of America Chief Operating Officer Edward Keller (right) pre

The Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA) recently presented the first of two $64,000 grants to Buckner International to provide new clothing for children the ministry serves through foster care across Texas.

The grants are expected to help about 850 foster children who have been removed from their biological parents’ care as a result of abuse or neglect. Often when children are removed from care, they leave most of their belongings behind, including their clothing.


“Music by the Stars” featured several country artists who performed for a full house Friday, Feb. 17, at the Woods Plaza Event Center in Vidor.